Frequently asked questions

Who are Business Mentors Pirkanmaa?

We are a non-profit organisation, etablished to help and support entrepreneurs in our region. We are consisting of around 200 experienced business leaders from various fields.

Why take a business mentor?

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy. We are providing help to entrepreneurs to operate and manage their businesses. You do not need to have major problems to contact us. We can also act as a sounding board and discussion partner when you are developing and scaling your business. We try to help you avoid mistakes we probably have made in the past.

What kind of companies need a business mentor?

We are helping all kinds of companies of different sizes, from different fields. Our current customers consist of startups and solopreneurs but also companies with tens of employees. There is no limit to company type, the only thing you need is a registered company (y-tunnus in Finnish). In some cases, we also provide help to people who are working with an idea and have not yet have a registered company. This usually concerns the guidance for startups.

How does the relationship work?

You get started by filling out this form. After that, we usually organise a Business Clinic where you can discuss your needs with 2-4 experienced mentors. After the clinic, you can pick one as your own mentor. After that, it is up to you and your mentor how often you meet, what topics you discuss, etc. There is no limit to how long you can have a mentor or how much you can utilize the mentor’s experience. It is important to remember that the entrepreneur is always in the driver’s seat in this relationship, and they lead the relationship.

What do I get from a business mentor?

You will get advice, opinions, and encouragement. Your mentor can be a sounding board for your ideas. It is good to remember that mentors do not make decisions on behalf of the entrepreneur, but a mentor can challenge you by asking questions to help you make better decisions. The mentor is not doing work on your behalf or your company.

Is it free?

Contacting Pirkanmaa business mentors and having a Business Clinic is free of charge. If you end up picking a mentor, the organisation charges an annual fee of 200€ for administrative costs and a one-time 120€ joining fee. Other than the administrative fees, the mentoring is free of charge.

How long can you keep a mentor?

Basically, you can keep a mentor as long as you like; there is no time limit. Usually, the relationships last 2-3 years, but like said, it is always up to the entrepreneur to decide the length of the relationship.

Can you change a mentor?

Yes, you can. In many cases, especially in longer relationships, it is quite common that the entrepreneur needs different kinds of expertise. In those cases, it is even recommended to change the mentor. Newly established companies may need different kinds of mentoring than companies with already established customer base. You can also have two mentors. It is good to remember that you can utilize the expertise of the whole network of Business Mentors Pirkanmaa.

What is the difference between a consultant and a business mentor?

We do not charge for meetings and usually work with an entrepreneur longer than assignments with consultants. We do not perform concrete work for entrepreneurs. We are a support person for the entrepreneur and want to have a long-term relationship and help the entrepreneur be successful.

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