What do we do?

Business Mentors Pirkanmaa is committed to fostering the growth and success of businesses in the Tampere region. Our group of business mentors provides tailored support and guidance to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to small and middle-size companies. Whether you are a startup looking to navigate the initial challenges or an existing company striving to achieve new goals, we are here to help.

We assist entrepreneurs by providing guidance and serving as a sounding board for their ideas. Acting as attentive listeners and active discussion partners, we offer help to entrepreneurs managing their businesses. Our commitment extends to facilitating confidential conversations, whether entrepreneurs are engaged in strategic planning or struggling with challenges. We are not making decisions on behalf of the entrepreneur, but we challenge the ideas by asking questions and sharing our expertise and experience.

Our approach is non-consultative; our mentors provide their expertise without charging fees, with the aim of fostering growth.

Business Clinic

Every business faces unique challenges. That’s why we have established the Business Clinic service, which is designed to address specific issues of your business. In this meeting, we analyse challenges, assess opportunities, and ask questions to help you move on. Whether it’s optimizing operations, improving financial management, or enhancing marketing strategies, our Business Clinics provide practical ideas.

Tailored mentorship – Sustained support after the Clinic

After the Business Clinic sessions, entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to select a mentor who aligns with their specific needs and aspirations for their business. This mentor, dedicated to fostering long-term success, provides support for as much time as mutually agreed upon without any additional charges or fees.

The mentor relationship is an exceptional and trustworthy dialogue that offers a level of guidance and understanding unmatched by any other source. The mentor’s role extends far beyond the initial clinic session, allowing for ongoing collaboration, strategy planning, and problem-solving. Unlike traditional consultancy services, this mentorship is a personalized, enduring connection that adapts to the evolving needs of the entrepreneur and their business.

Support Service

In addition, we have tailored Business Clinics for distressed entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur Support Service (similar to EU’s Early Warning) provides instant and efficient assistance to entrepreneurs facing difficulties. Establishing and running a business can bring various challenges that may jeopardize the future of the company.

The Entrepreneur Support Service utilizes an extensive network of experts, including organizations such as banks, Finnvera, MIELI ry, the A-Clinic Foundation, the tax office, and Social Insurance Institutions of Finland (Kela). Through the expert network, we aim to help entrepreneurs find solutions to overcome difficulties.

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