Who can we help?

Companies and entrepreneurs in different phases and situations could benefit from talking to someone with real-life experiences in similar circumstances. Would having such a Business Mentor help you?

Would our help benefit you?

  • Have you just started, and doing business in Finland is new to you?
  • Is your business growing, and you are facing new challenges?
  • Is your business stepping to the next level, and having an adviser familiar with that would be valuable?
  • Are you facing trouble you don’t really know how to deal with?
  • Would it be good for your business or for you to have someone really experienced to talk to and to challenge you for the better? Someone standing on your side?

Business mentors with experience

  • Background from all sizes of companies, from solopreneurs up to companies with thousands of employees.
  • Doing business locally, in specific regions, or globally.
  • Acting as entrepreneurs, managers, experts, or corporate executives.
  • Every single one of them is willing to help you purely because they want you to succeed and prosper.
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