Hundreds of entrepreneurs in the Tampere Region have already benefited from having a business mentor. This has resulted in hundreds of different stories showcasing how a business mentor has been able to support entrepreneurs in various change and growth situations. All the following stories are based on interviews with the entrepreneurs.

What do the entrepreneurs and mentors say

There is always help available

The dream of independence and the goal to do more gave birth to Uniqa

Juha Österlund offers his experience to a company

Blogs by Jukka Isotalo, the multi-migrant

Within the Business Mentors Pirkanmaa, a community rich in international expertise, several members have gained valuable experience from working abroad. Personally, I’ve had the opportunity to work in seven different countries, both as a bachelor and a family man, yet always finding my way back to Finland. In these short columns, my goal is to share practical tips and insights based on my experiences. Whether you’re coming to Finland to contribute to local businesses or contemplating starting your own venture here, I hope to offer helpful information for your journey.


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